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Houston Law Review

A Religious Right to Choose? Prospects for Jewish Free Exercise Exemptions from Abortion Bans

61 Hous. L. Rev. (2024).

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The Social Justice Torah Commentary

ed. Rabbi Barry Block for CCAR Press

"The Abraham Bind: The Akeidah and Religious Liberty"

A chapter on the Torah's story of the Binding of Isaac and its implications for how we think about and support religious freedom today.

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No Time for Neutrality: American Rabbinic Voices from an Era of Upheaval

ed. Rabbi Michael Knopf

"Mixed Multitude"

A chapter on how American Jews might think about our place within racial justice discourse and social change campaigns.

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Houston Pacifica Radio (KPFT):
So, What's Your Story?

August 29, 2019


Erik Heen hosting Rabbi David Segal, Shariq Abdul Ghani and Reverend Gregory Han. Stories from Jewish, Muslim, and Christian experience.

Aspen Public Radio: Light Matters

December 23, 2016

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It is no accident that Chanukah and Christmas, both festivals of light, fall in the darkest season of the year. In the spirit of both holidays, Rabbi David Segal of the Aspen Jewish Congregation explores what it means to be a source of light in dark moments.

Segal spoke with three community leaders: Allison Daily, Director of Pathfinders; Charley Hill, Lead Pastor of the Orchard Church in Carbondale; and Alejandra Magaña, Director of Lifelong Learning for the Valley Settlement Project. Each guest shares a uniquely moving and inspiring perspective on the meaning of the holiday season.

Ten Minutes of Torah
Genesis 5775/2014-15

Sh'mini 5778/2018

Still Small Voice: Reflections on Being a Jewish Man

(URJ Press, 2007)

Chapter: "Standing Together at Sinai?"

Aspen Times Weekly: Finding Unity

November 17, 2016


EVERY YEAR AROUND THIS TIME, we give thanks — for the year we’ve had and the one that lies ahead. This year, with a contentious election behind us and a bit of uncertainty about what the future holds, we asked our valley’s spiritual leaders for their thoughts about giving thanks and the idea of community unity. We hope you find their words inspiring.

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